Can you lend a hand?

Lakes Alive isn't possible without the support of fantastic and generous volunteers who give their time to be the face of the festival. Rain or shine they make sure everyone from the artists, to the audience, have the best possible experience.

If you would like to don an orange t-shirt, meet new people and be part of this years' team, we'd love to hear from you -  whether you can spare a couple of hours, or a couple of weeks!

As a volunteer you will be part of a small team looking after one of the festival sites – allowing you to get to know the site and have the autonomy to try different roles with in your team. Shifts run in four hour sections  with refreshments provided at the festival hub, and breaks where you are welcomed to go and see as much as you can, or relax with your colleagues.

For a volunteers info pack or to request a registration form email or call Holly on 01539792610 for more information.

Become a corporate partner

If you would like to find out more about our current sponsorship opportunities, please contact us. We’ll arrange a meeting to explore your objectives and share our future projects in development.

Lakes Alive Staff And Vols V5 Photo By Steve Eggleton

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