BirdHIVE, the innovative, interactive virtual reality experience was officially launched this summer at Lakes Alive festival in celebration of the Lake District National Park’s bid to become a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Inspired by the spectacular backdrop of the Lake District, a specialist digital team have created 360 drone films to illustrate the special qualities of the national park as a prospective World Heritage site. Because it uses 360 video, BirdHIVE is a truly engaging and interactive experience for users. In July it was showcased at Kendal Calling where over 1500 festival goers tried out the experience using a Samsung Gear VR headset and the overriding response of ‘wow’.

BirdHIVE allows people to experience for themselves some of the unique qualities of the Lake District and the reasons why this special place deserves World Heritage status. From its unique identity, through to the inspiration of the landscape and the desire to look after it for future generations to enjoy – BirdHIVE shares the themes that underpin the bid, currently with UNESCO for review.

John Hodgson, World Heritage Coordinator for the Lake District National Park, said: “The Lake District has been a rich source of artistic inspiration for hundreds of years and this is one of the central themes of the World Heritage bid. So we’re delighted to be part of a very modern, interactive digital art experience such as BirdHIVE, and share with festival goers the unique qualities of our culturally rich landscape. And once the festival is over, we hope people will feel inspired to step out of the virtual world and into the national park, experiencing for real just why the Lake District deserves World Heritage status.”

Watch out for where BirdHIVE will be appearing next!