If you are a keen performer or have a great story to tell, we want to hear from you. 

We are lining up a fantastic array of world class contemporary art in Kendal on 8-10 September - and you have the chance to be part of it. 

Lakes Alive has two exciting opportunities at the heart of the festival. 

One is to have your words become part of a theatre piece called "Up, Down and Beyond".

The other is for dancers to part of a piece called "Cotton".

Be part of Up, Down and Beyond:

Take a short walk with award-winning theatre maker Laura Mugridge (pictured) and tell us snippets of your life in Kendal and your stories of the town.

Your words will be woven anonymously into a beautiful piece that will be performed over the festival weekend. 

You will need to be available for two hours on either the 11th or 12th August. 

Lakes Alive is particularly interested to hear from women who have an essential or traditional role in the community - though applications are welcomed from all. No performance or public speaking is required.

Be part of Cotton:

The other opportunity is to be part of a collaborative dance piece which explores life in a cotton mill. All ages and abilities are welcome. You will need to be available on the afternoons of Saturday 3rd, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September.

Spaces are limited. If you are keen to be involved or would like more information please email holly.goodfellow@lakedistrict.gov.uk or ring 01539792618 (Monday to Wednesday). 

Do you want to work with Laura?