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Jemma McDonnell: "We talk about issues that affect us in the here and now."

We are thrilled to welcome Paper Birds Theatre to Lakes Alive.

This intimate yet expansive theatre show takes place in a caravan during the festival.

Presented by Brewery Arts Centre in partnership with Lakes Alive, Mobile is The Paper Birds’ second show in a trilogy about class in modern Britain. 

The 40 minute piece is based on interviews conducted in communities across the UK, exploring our sense of home, belonging, aspiration, and realities of social mobility.

Jemma McDonnell, The Paper Birds Artistic Director and director of Mobile chats to Lakes Alive. 

Tell us a little bit about The Paper Birds

The Paper Birds is a company that began in Leeds in 2003. We are interested in telling other peoples stories, so often the shows are verbatim or are based on people we meet. We want to talk about issues that affect us in the here and now and often the complexity of things that seem everyday.

This piece Mobile – takes place in caravan – isn’t it a bit claustrophobic for the audience?

The show hosts up to eight audience members at a time, it is cozy but everyone has their own seat and you are only inside the caravan for 30 mins so it flies by! We won’t give away any secrets but the caravan has many secrets inside.

What can Lakes Alive visitors expect when they step into the caravan?

When you first enter it looks totally normal, but we have used projection lights and theatre magic to brings the space alive to make it a truly thrilling experience for the audience.

Mobile is about class, family and belonging, how did it come about?

Mobile is the second show we are making in a trilogy about class. We found when interviewing people that social class is still very important to people and their sense of identity and belonging. It all comes down to where we have come from and the life we have experienced through being our parents children. The show is based on interviews taken throughout the UK about these themes, about who we are, where we have come from and what we want in life.

The piece explores our sense of home, which is interesting as other parts of the festival consider what ‘home' means to us all...

Social mobility is key to this. And what better place to start than a trip to a mobile home?!  A lot of us have not lived in a caravan but rather have been on holidays to caravan parks or sites. They are a home from home, and this is what we try to make the audience feel, that when they enter the caravan they are experiencing a feeling of ‘home’.

Mobile takes place at the Brewery Arts Centre Kendal.

There are 10 shows each day on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September. 

The caravan can accommodate eight people per show. A ticket price applies.

Show times and tickets here.

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