Lakes Alive gets ready to fly this Friday with an evening of music, sound and light. 

Jacob’s Join is a mass community get-together of food, music and merriment which launches this year's festival at Riverside Walk at Abbot Hall. 

The free event gets underway at 6pm.

Our enchanting dinner party will feature an explosive finale from Spark! drummers who will lead the party up to Kendal Castle for the spectacular Shipping Forecast installation.

Worldbeaters are the music creators of the world class illuminated music & street theatre show Spark! Delighting audiences since 2012, they tour nationally and internationally. 

Their Spark! performance is a dynamic, unique and high quality musical performance suitable for all ages.

Spark! Brings excitement, positive energy, laughter, mystery and awe to audiences. 

On the eve of Lakes Alive, Worldbeaters said: "When we see these reactions from our audiences it inspires our performance even further.

"During Friday's Jacob's Join we'll ask the audience to follow us to another location! Be ready to join our mysterious and playful characters as we take you on an extraordinary journey. 

"Make sure you keep up and have your camera ready. This is something not to be missed."

Worldbeaters feel honoured to be a part of Lakes Alive: “Lakes Alive is well regarded on the UK street theatre scene, with an engaging audience. 

"We cannot wait to see the impact of our vibrant musical arrangements and lighting design in the surroundings of Lakes Alive. We could not find a more stunning location to perform our show!” 

So are you ready to be immersed in a spectacle of rhythm and colour? 

Story by Melissa Bean