The festival takes flight

Lakes Alive launched in July with a new site specific project co-commissioned together with 14-18 NOW, the UK's arts programme for the First World War centenary.

Flight by Geraldine Pilgrim Performance Company was an evocative promenade performance that celebrated our desire to fly. The performance captured the beauty, power and drama of flight in all its forms within the historic house and gardens of Brockhole on Windermere.

The journey walked the audience through the evolution of flight to reveal Brockhole’s fascinating past, the rich history of Cumbrian aviation and images of First World War young airmen and the people they left behind.

The audience encountered the performance in small intimate groups making it a truly special and memorable experience.

Cirque Bijou Jacobs Join V4 Photo By Steve Eggleton

A Jacob's Join for all Kendal's communities to enjoy

The festival continues over the August Bank Holiday with a wonderful community event along the River Kent behind the Parish Church. This unique dining experience, a jamboree, a pop up feast was a night to remember and has create some special memories. Friends, neighbours and strangers spent the evening eating together and sharing food, stories and music - some even brough a musical instrument or a magic trick to entertain us.

As twilight settled in and candles and fairy lights created a magical atmosphere we were treated to a surprise pop-up finale by Cirque Bijou and volunteers who had spent some time with them on the Umbrella Project. They danced their way along the river, joining the diners and inviting everyone to join in.

Photography: Steve Eggleton /
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Museum Of The Moon V2 Photo By Steve Eggleton

Music, theatre, puppets, poetry - and we had the Moon too

The lively Jacob's Join had set the scene and Kendal was ready to explode with vibrant illuminations, digital delights, intimate performances, amazing installations and spectacular happenings. Our programme had been designed to take you to public spaces and hidden places you may not have seen before. Dolly the giant giraffe led visitors through Kendal to quiet parks and hidden green spaces which came alive with the music of the Manchester Camerata Orchestra and the poetry of the Poetry Takeaway. 

Kendal's famous yards proved the perfect places to get creative. Clayground Collective got us stuck into a tonne of modelling clay - and invited us to take a flight of fancy and created birds, bees, butterflies and… well, just about anything we could think off! Artist Ben Dodge let us screen print  our own festival bags and t shirts - with his help of course! 

The churches of Kendal opened their doors to musicians, poets and  artist Luke Jerram's, Museum of the Moon. 

Measuring seven metres in diameter, the inflated moon featured detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface. This truly amazing installation was a fusion of lunar imagery, moonlight and surround sound composition which left visitors moon struck.

Photography: Steve Eggleton /
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Minimum Monument Kendal Castle V21 Photo By Steve Eggleton

While the Moon continued to glow and Kendal rocked to music and dance 3500 frozen figures were placed on the walls of the Castle - to slowly melt away

The word was out - Kendal was the place to be - and on a warm Sunday morning hundreds of people walked up to Kendal Castle to take part in a collective installation - Minimum Monument. 

Minimum Monument proved to be a poignant and moving display featuring thousands of figures made out of ice by the artist Néle Azeved and her team of volunteers - a public intervention artwork which was a powerful reminder of the fragility of our planet and the communities it supports.

Meanwhile we continued our weekend of free family fun at the Factory, with a high-energy dance and theatre by Etta Ermini Dance Theatre and Move Me and we took to the skies with BirdHIVE and experienced virtual reality flight through astounding Lake District landscapes

Photography: Steve Eggleton /
If you were there and have photographs please share them on our Facebook page.


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