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A free festival of contemporary arts and making, in Kendal and the Lake District.

Lakes Alive is an annual festival that celebrates landscape, people and place, showcasing and creating world class work for both the outdoors and site specific locations, to inspire and amaze audiences.

We are an accessible festival that embraces the new, experimental and the unexpected, alongside more traditional quality outdoor performance work. Engaging and inspiring a diverse audience to question, explore and re-imagine the world around them and their role in it.

We champion this unique landscape and the Lake District National Park by presenting and commissioning quality multi-disciplinary art and nurturing local talent. Presenting world-class site specific and responsive work in our world class setting.

We want the audience to be active participants, engaging in the programme not just passive spectators.

We have a growing outreach and engagement programme delivered by highly skilled artists which enhances the festival programme and enables us to develop meaningful local relationships and legacy. We aim to ensuring our offer is inclusive and accessible to all and contributes to the rich cultural tapestry of the area, its social wellbeing and economic success


6 to 8 September 2019

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Celebrating World Heritage Site status

The Lake District has long been a source of artistic inspiration and this was one of the three key reasons why it was inscribed as a World Heritage Site in July 2017.

The identity, inspiration and desire to look after this spectacular landscape combines to create an evolving masterpiece – the perfect backdrop against showcase our contemporary digital arts festival.

Lakes Alive will celebrate the Lake District’s World Heritage Site status, firmly establishing the area as a modern, cultural destination, deserving the ultimate accolade and international recognition of World Heritage status.

Find out more at lakesworldheritage.co.uk


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