I can't believe how much taking part in the Lakes Alive festival has boosted my confidence in doing poetry for a career. On the Saturday of the festival I worked inside the Poetry Takeaway van at Nobles Rest park. This was my first ever paid poetry job. It certainly made me think on my feet! I would get to know a person and then write them a personalised poem in under half an hour. It was such an adrenaline rush. Before the experience I would never have dreamed that writing a quality poem was possible in such a short time frame. It has made me reevaluate how I write my poems normally. Later on in the day I read some of my poetry under the moon art installation in St Thomas' church. It was so surreal. I have never seen any art like it, and I felt huge privilege to be reading my work under it. 

I wrote the poem below to read underneath the moon. It's about the limestone pavements my brother and I used to play on when we were little.

Our limestone moon

"Can we go to the moon today?"
A family place, a staple next to
breville toasties on Sunday's.

We played with lunar rock, 
created igloo dens. We marvelled
at grykes - man size ant nests.

Our moon had wrinkles
deep enough to swallow you
like an oyster.

We didn't know our moon
was leftovers, blasted, that
our cheese was made of limestone

and that apparently it wasn't the moon at all.

Hannah Hodgson was selected as the poet in residence at the Lakes Alive festival and earlier in the year she was the young poet in residence at the Kendal Poetry festival. During 2016 Hannah also won her age category in the Poetry Society and Oxfam 'Even it up' challenge. In 2015 Hannah won the Amnesty International higher education Lyrics award for her poem 'Nowheres Citizen'. Hannah runs the poetry club at her school and is a member of Dove Cottage young poets in Kendal with poet Kim Moore.

See more of Hannah's work at:  https://hannahwritesablog.wordpress.com

Thank you to Rob Fraser (www.somewhere-nowhere.com) for the photograph.