Marching, singing and stamping, Lakes Alive joined thousands lining the streets of Edinburgh yesterday for the Processions 2018 event, marking 100 years of the women's vote.

An uplifting day of unity, strength and friendship, the sun shone on our merry band as songs of Cumbrian and northern pride rang out along the 4 mile procession through Edinburgh's city centre. Walking shoulder to shoulder with our sisters from the Brewery Arts Centre and 1000s of women in London, Cardiff and Belfast we celebrated the historic women who marched and won the first votes 100 years ago.

In the lead up to this moment, our group of 12 fantastic women met to create, discuss and inspire their artwork banner in a series of machine embroidery workshops with textile artist Jacky Puzey over the last 2 months.

Showing embroidered silhouettes on a background of landscape and industry, the unique and intricate banner represents five important women in Cumbria in the early to mid 1800's (Theodora Wilson Wilson, Margret Llewelyn Davis, Lillian Harris, Catherine Marshall and Sal Madge) and embodies some of the issues that are still faced by women today including the gender pay gap, gender stereo types, and ownership of women's bodies. 

From the landscape a striking map of the Watling Street March emerges, a route which saw  50,000 women pilgrimage from Carlisle down to London to  protest their vote in 1913, a truly inspiring moment in the history of Cumbrian Women.

A huge thank you to all the women that made this a very special project and a fantastic day. To the Brewery Arts Centre group for inspiring us with their songs, The Museum of Lakeland Life for inspiring us with their knowledge and not forgetting Artichoke and 14-18 Now, for creating of all four Processions events.

The finished artwork will be shown at Lakes Alive 7-9th of September along with some very special performances commemorating the Walking Watling Street Event. In the meantime you can find out more about the 100 years of vote, suffrage and Women's Lives at The Museum of Lakeland Life until December.