Building on the success of a co-commission in 2018,  Lakes Alive, bluedot, Kendal Calling, Shambala and Arts by the Sea are providing a new opportunity for artists to create and tour a new artwork to each of their festivals in 2019.

This is unique opportunity for artists and creators to produce a new piece of work to tour five major boutique music / art festivals across the UK, known for creating immersive arenas for arts and culture within each of their festival sites. 

We are particularly interested in seeing applications for outdoor light art, digital art and large-scale installation work that has sufficient scale and impact for each festival setting.

The successful applicant will receive funding to create and install their work and will be promoted in each of the festivals’ arts programme launches.

What we are looking for:

The artwork will be showcased in arenas that have audiences present throughout the day and after dark so should be created to be visible at night as well as during the day. Artists are encouraged to consider the use of light as a key artistic medium for the commission. The artwork could also include ambient sound as well as light, however this should be designed to have a controllable volume level. The artwork should encourage interaction and exploration of the work. Interactivity for audiences is a key factor for all 5 festivals and the piece should be designed to be robust enough to withstand audiences.

Application deadline : March 1st 2019

For more information email [email protected]