7 to 8 September 2019


Saturday & Sunday: 11am -12pm; 2pm - 3pm; 4pm - 5pm


Helen Eastman


Abbot Hall Park, Kirkland, Kendal LA9 5AL

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Join us for a musical adventure (and be prepared to help pedal power the performance!)

Sam has 24 hours to clear out his grandad’s old bike workshop. He remembers grandad teaching him to ride (and pretending to be his favourite superhero, Bicycle Boy).

It seems grandad may have left Sam a present somewhere in the workshop, and some clues to find it. But there’s no power and Sam needs electricity to unlock the clues. Can you help him? If we can connect up enough bikes and pedal like mad, we can generate enough power for Sam’s journey (and the show).

Commissioned by Without Walls, Brighton Festival and Hat Fair. Based on an original show commissioned by Oxford Playhouse Plays Out.

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This work is supported by Without Walls
Without Walls

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