7 to 8 September 2019


Saturday: 11am -12pm; 1pm -2pm; 4pm -5pm; 6pm -7pm Sunday: 12pm -1pm; 3pm - 4pm; 5pm - 6pm


Ray Lee


Abbot Hall Park, Kirkland, Kendal LA9 5AL

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Starting points: Abbot Hall Park; Castle Howe; Fletcher Park; Bottom of Gillingsgate


Booking: Limited spaces available, pre-booking essential. To book click here.

You can book your slot up to 15 minutes before start time. Choose your starting point at the time of sign up. Any unreleased tickets will be allocated on the day from the main marquee Abbot Hall Park

Let a magic sonic sphere take you on a mystery tour through Kendal to a secret location. Guided by sound alone, where will your journey take you?

Seemingly possessed of its own mind, the sphere guides you through familiar and unfamiliar terrain. Can you keep the sphere happy by going in the right direction?

In return, the sphere will lead you on a sonic voyage to a final destination where you will encounter a meeting of the spheres, a chiming, pulsing web of electronic sound.

Congregation has been developed as a result of an initial residency at the National Theatre Studio and R&D support from The Kitchen (Appetite, Stoke on Trent). It has received a Without Walls Blueprint R&D award and a Without Walls commission for 2019 with additional financial support from OCM, Oxford Brookes University and 101 Outdoor Arts, Newbury

To book click here.

This work is supported by Without Walls

World Map With Dots And Colored Locators 23 2147618103
Where is your Congregation start point? This map will tell you all. 1 is Route 1

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